Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Goddess Reborn, a transgender transformation fantasy

Here at Fem Fluxx we specialize in erotic male to female transformation stories, and today we can present you a new such story by Xing Xing.

In some remote part in New England lives the descendants of members of an old European culture devoted to the mother goddess. In this small community one member is always seen as the incarnation of the same goddess.

So what happens when the current incarnation dies? Well, another one has to be selected to fulfill that important role, and who says it has to be a woman?

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  1. Hi, do you take requests? If so, could you do a story where a kind, polite American man is transformed into a trashy Jersey/Statan Island girl?

  2. That was very specific. Could you add a link to a photo of a Jersey girl?

  3. Love this story, would you please make a slow change story of a workplace bully and sexist who slowly turns into a sexy goth high school/college girl?


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