Monday, February 7, 2022

VAPE, a new MTF transformation photo comic

When Mike was offered the electronic cigarette, he might have said no. After all, he had seen what it had done to his friend, Pete. 

Maybe he did not realize this was real. That it would change him into a woman, and because of this also change his mind.

But he did not say no.

Here's another free feminization photo comic from Xing Xing.


  1. Hi, do you take requests? If so, could you do a story where a kind, polite American man is transformed into a trashy Jersey/Statan Island girl?

  2. This one's brilliant. Great piece of work!

  3. I really enjoyed your f2m stories: Poolboy and The Amazing Story about Karyna and the Magical Strap-on, the caps: Summer School, Man Changed Into Pregnant Woman, Guest Cap: The Equal Exchange and keep calm and think of..., Also, separately, the story Busted and Dreamcatcher

    I was hoping, you could do more ftm, with accompanying mtf partners/spouses, could you?

    Thank you for your time and for the time you take to read this comment. I really appreciate your works, for the effort you put into making them, like Poolboy, the time it takes to make stories like that. I appreciate any reply you give me and the time you spend replying to this comment

    Thank you

  4. More FTM? Sure. We can do that! And thanks for all the kind words!


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