Tuesday, June 1, 2021

XXRevival 3: The Maid

The XX Plague is threatening the survival of mankind. We have a vaccine, but we need women to replace the ones claimed by the virus.

This is why we have the Nugirl Lottery. Every week 30000 men are drafted into the government's Nugirl programme, having their minds downloaded into healthy, beautiful and rapidly grown clones.

Here's the third part of the Nugirl series. Do read part 2 before you start on this one!

This is an erotic TG photo comic for the maid enthusiasts!

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Sunday, April 18, 2021

XXRevival 2: Fem Fluxx is back with a new erotic transgender photo comic!

The virus went for the XX combination, causing a huge loss of life. Governments the world over are now desperately trying to replace the lost women using a new clone vat body swap technology. 

In the US the federal government introduces the Nugirl lottery, where the "lucky" winners get a new life as a woman.

XXRevival is one of the privat companies providing such transformation services, helping draftees adapt to a new body over at Cameron Manor. Unfortunately, not all of the staff follow the ethical guidelines of the federal government.

Here's the second episode of the XXRevival series. 

You might want to read episode 1 first, but you do not necessarily have to.

Friday, March 5, 2021

Fem Fluxx will be back

 Due to the Corona virus and other unforeseen circumstances, we have emptied our backlog. 

Rest assured. There will be new photo comics later this spring.

Monday, December 7, 2020

Sweetified – New MTF Transformation Comic

Sometimes, when you lives seem to bleak and boring, it might be tempting to sell your soul to darker powers for some fun. 

We are not saying that you would do so, obvioulsy not. But weaker souls might be tempted, like Kieran, to give you one example.

This is another male to female transformation comic from Morgana and Fem Fluxx!

Photo of Elsa, Rachel and Sidney from Blackened.com.

Sunday, November 1, 2020

Big triple issue: The XXRevival

Our new erotic transgender photo comic contains, for all practical purposes, three stories. They are interrelated, for sure, but there is no need to read them all in one go.

A plague has left the Earth in lack of women. A new public draft requires men to sacrifice their manhood for the common good. If you "win" the state lottery you are sent to one of several recanting clinics, which puts your mind in a female clone body.

Then you are given a course in female behavior and femininity.

In this comic we follow the fates of four men being forced to volunteer for a new life as a woman.

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