Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Megan, an erotic transgender photo comic

 OK. We are back with a new erotic transgender photo comic, this time about a young man who is so unlucky in love that his friend decides he is useless living as a man. So: Modern technology to the rescue.

Some of you have asked whether there will be more Fem Fluxx TG comics, and this story proves that indeed, there are going to be more comics of the feminization kind. We cannot promise the same frequent posting as in the good old days, however. For our contributors, the Foxx, Xing Xing, and Morgana, life sometimes comes in the way.

And to make sure that the search engines understand what this is all about: This is a comic about a young man who is transformed into a sexy woman and who has to live with that new life.

The main model is Nia Bleu.

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Read on tablet or iPad.

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Adam and Eve, an MTF transformation adventure

Morgana has made a new erotic transgender photo comic, which you can download for free here!

This is a long story with a lot of beautiful women, including futanari, lesbian and regular heterosexual sex. 

Adam's girlfriend has a witch of a mother who is not happy with any of her boyfriend choices. She simply get them out of the way by using her magic.

Monday, November 27, 2023

Agent Carter: A male to female transformation story

Nick Carter is an agent in a special division of the FBI, a division that has access to some very advanced body morph technology. This technology lets them go undercover as anyone.

Unfortunately he is the only person with enough insight into a particular crime cartel to infiltrate it in any efficient way, and the only person from that cartel they have in custody is a woman. Now, what do you do?

Another sexy male to female transformation story from Fem Fluxx and Morgana.

Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Body Swap, a gender bender photo comic

So it turns out that aliens are doing their best to understand what humanity is up to and what human beings are. That is not easy to figure out, even for humans. That is also true for the whole gender thing, which is why the extraterrestrial scientists decide to mix things up a bit.

Adam and Eve (and yes, those are truly their names) are in for a bumpy journey, indeed!

Note that this comic is also in response to requests for FTM transformations.

Monday, June 26, 2023

The Island, an MTF transformation fantasy comic

A powerful tycoon invites Frank to a private island, all expenses paid. Exactly what he is supposed to do there is unclear, however. And why are there so many beautiful young women on the island?

Here's a new erotic feminization photo comic by Morgana, full of magic and sexy women.

The comic contains sexually explicit content and is for adults only.

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