Saturday, March 26, 2016

TG Erotic Photo Comic: The Bimbo Revenge

Amy Anderssen
There are apparently more than 400 tribes on Papua New Guinea, including a few matriarchies (run by women).

The anti-hero of this tale runs into a woman who has visited the island and brought with her some very potent magic back to America.

Some misogynists won't learn the truth about women until they can feel the weight of their own big tits on their chest.

And given that the main model in this photo comic is Amy Andersson, you know you are in for a big boob bonanza!

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Thursday, March 3, 2016

The FEM6 Feminization Epidemic

Frank had still not accepted his new life
as a woman.

Today we bring you 50 pages of transgender captions based in the FEM6 virus universe.

Who made the virus is unknown, but for some reason it will transform the bodies of men receptive to the virus.

In a couple of months they are completely rebuilt, with new DNA and new potential... as women.


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