Thursday, March 3, 2016

The FEM6 Feminization Epidemic

Frank had still not accepted his new life
as a woman.

Today we bring you 50 pages of transgender captions based in the FEM6 virus universe.

Who made the virus is unknown, but for some reason it will transform the bodies of men receptive to the virus.

In a couple of months they are completely rebuilt, with new DNA and new potential... as women.


Click here to download the PDF!

(Backup download site.)


  1. I LOVED the Lela Star one! Pleeeeeaaassse do more with that!

  2. Greg is- er, was, such a lucky guy to have a loving wife who is willing to stick it out with him... and a good friend who's willing to stick it into the both of them! It must be wonderful to have a wife who lets him work orally on her womanhood while their friend works rigidly in his! And even more wonderful to have a wife who works on his womanhood while he slurps his own female juices from their friend's manhood!

    Ever a fan! Peace,Love&Kisses;


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