Thursday, September 1, 2016

T Time - Feminized in Rio

Today we have a PDF with a collection of three "non-magic" stories for you.

There is apparently different "schools" in the TG fiction and fantasy community, where one prefer spells and potions and the other go for hormones and surgery. Here at Fem/Fluxx we find both equally fascinating.

The first story tells us about Mrs. Holler, who has sent her husband to Rio to be punished for his sins.

The next is about a company working in the shadow of the law, recruiting unsuspecting males to its t-girl escort empire.

Big Ones is the story about a man who get the option to leave jail if he agrees to join a clandestine military research program.

And that's it really!


  1. The dickgirl thing isn't really for me, but the "Big Ones" part sure is. Thanks for another great one. :)

  2. Wonderful! All three stories were superb. More please!

  3. Some like dickgirls, some do not. We want to make everyone happy! More coming up of all types ;)


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