Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Tiny Girl

Yhivi from Brazzers stars in this sexy photo comic!
Beware of witches with crazy ideas! Their ideas of learning may not be the same as yours.

Tom clearly did not understand the seriousness of the situation when he agreed to undergo the initiation ceremony of her community of magic.

This is another mind bending, gender bending, body bending tale of feminization and great sex.

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  1. YEEAYYY! Something for the "lesbimen" among your fans! And, while I might be glad to make my change into a sexy, young woman permanent by means of having "straight" sex with a guy... And even landing a hot, lesbian lover like Juanita, I'd most-definitely still want to keep a F.W.B. relationship going with such a lovely, perceptive and caring witch as Alena!

    Amazingly erotic work, as always, XingXing!


  2. Thank you for a lovely story.

  3. I need to get that cube and become the girl I was meant to be


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