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Pink is the New Orange, Part 3

Here's part 3 of Fem/Fluxx' first erotic TG short story, written by Morgana. Part 1can be found here!

After a long and destructive economic crisis the Transformation Party has come to power. This party is run by ruthless men who have decided to keep the people in check by enforcing "traditional values", while at the same time enjoying the pleasures the patriarchy has to offer.

Warning: The story contains sexually explicit content and is not suitable for minors. This is a fantasy only. We do not condone sex without consent in real life!

February 9

And I guess it was the previous day's act of violence that made some of the remaining men react. I don't know what they thought.

Watching Hal coming inside the new girl with a loud grunt, made them realize that there were more girls like Zombie around. And now Hal had broken the unspoken contract, the implicit taboo: The girls are us. You do not touch the girls!

Or maybe they looked at Zombie and realized that any day now, they would be in her place, and that this may be their last day on earth as a man.

Some of the new women saw the look in their eyes and locked themselves in the rest room. Some of the others were so emotionally confused by what they saw in that room that they froze on the floor.

Rodriguez grabbed one of the blonde girls. I cannot even remember her original male name. He started fucking her right there in front of us all.

She tried to push him away, but he was too strong.

Jim, "the Butcher from New Orleans", grabbed the blonde girl who had once been known as "The Knife", lifted her skirt, ripped off her panties, spread her legs and pushed his way inside her.

The Knife didn't put any fight at all, and I suspected that he, like Chin, had fantasized about this moment for several days now.

I found James, who now went by the name of Jeanette, face down on one of the coaches, one leg on each side, naked but for two high healed shoes, moaning as Leonard fucked her in the ass. I guess that he had already lubricated his dick by fucking her in the pussy.

And I found Chin purring in pleasure as a big man played with her big tits.

At that moment, I believe, she would have been happy if they continued to grow, if that was what it took to get the sex she craved so much.
It is strange to see how quickly people may adapt to new circumstances if there is pleasure involved. And no there was little anyone could do to stop the more aggressive men from grabbing a girl and start fucking her. All their fear and pent up sexual frustration was let lose in that hour.

The orgy finally ended with whimpering girls retreating to their rooms, and with shamefaced men watching TV, not looking any of the other men in the eyes.

There are seven of us left now.

February 12

Samuel disappeared today. He is the first one in several days. Nice guy, Samuel. I believe he was imprisoned for blasphemy, saying that the universe is more than 6000 years old or something to that effect.

It makes no difference now. I know that when he comes back as a woman, he will not be left alone. There are a lot of crazy people around here now.

February 14

Samuel came back this morning. I found him standing in his room, watching some high heeled shoes they had displayed proudly on his commode, touching his bouncy ass in bewilderment.

"I am a woman now," he told me. "I even smell like a woman, can you believe it? What am I supposed to do with that?"

He looked through the drawers to find some clothes that did not make him feel so feminine, but all he found was sexy bras and sexy dresses.

In the end he sighed and put one on. He twirled his long hair between his fingers and licked his lips as if he was trying to get used to taste of his soft lips.

The new girl was beautiful. She must have noticed, because she gave me this strange smile, as if acknowledging my flattery.

Then the Hulk came into the room and pushed me inside.

"Is this Samuel?" he asked me.

"Yes," I said. What could I say.

"Get out of here, you sissy!" he grunted. "I am going to turn Samuel here into Sam, a real woman."

"You know you may be next, right?" I asked him.

"Fuck off, you moron!" he yelled at me. Sam cringed and retreated into the corner of the room.

But I could see the fear in his eyes. Then he closed the door. I could hear Samuel moaning.

February 17

They came and took away all the new girls today. All of them. One of the guards said they were to be auctioned off as concubines for party members. I am not sure if this was meant as a joke or not. In any case, they are closing down class XX5. I guess there will be a class XX7 soon.

They also grabbed the shy little nerd who had worked in the prison library. I cannot remember his name. The Hulk yelled after him as they dragged him away: "I will be waiting for you, sweetie!"

Leonard has also disappeared, although I did not see him leave.

February 18

Hulk and the three others are playing poker this evening. The winner will get to fuck the librarian when he comes back. I don't feel like participating.

I don't know why they do this. They know that it is only a matter of days before it is their turn. I don't think this is a matter of denial. I think they are pretending, pretending that everything is going to be all right.

Hulk and Tom are gang members. They have spent their whole lives toughening up, becoming the testosterone driven thugs they are today. This is what defines them. The idea of becoming their exact opposite must be devastating.

Erik and I are not like that. But that does not mean that we are not scared.

"Did you see what happened to Leonard," I asked Erik.

"I have no idea," he replied. "He'll probably come back with Zeppeliner tits and an ass the size of my garage. Or maybe he was a spy..."

February 19

Liam, the young librarian came back today. He was transformed in more than one way. When Hank, who had one the poker game, came to claim his price, Liam just looked him into the eye and snorted:

"I am a lady now, you brute! You treat me with respect!"

The Hulk was so perplexed that he did not how to respond. The shy and awkward nerd had apparently been turned into a strong willed woman that reminded him of some childhood family member that had disciplined him as a child.

The sexy girl went over to me and claimed me her prize. "I want to talk to William, i private! You see, he is a gentleman!"

She dragged me into one of the vacant rooms and turned to me.

"William, look at me. Isn't this amazing. I has always been invisible, you know. And look at me now! Look at me!"

She was amazingly sexy. I watched in deep admiration as she opened her black dress and revealed her tits to me.

"Do you like them, William? Do you like my tits?"

She came closer. There was this sweet, sweet, scent of girl and perfume. She wet her lips and smiled.

"I fucking love this, you know. I am so excited. I am going to be this sexy girl from now on. God knows what is going to happen. Wonderful things!"

"You are a prisoner," I told her. "For all practical purposes a slave..."

I lifted my hand as if to touch her, but then withdrew it, bewildered.

"Hey, don't be so shy!  Touch them!  I know you want to. And remember, you will have some of your own soon."

She grabbed her tits and lifted them up to me.

Then she came up close, so close that I could bury my face in her silky, dark hair.

"What kind of girl would you like to be, William? A tiny little sexy piece? Voluptuous, maybe, curvaceous, a real woman woman?"

Then she kissed me, in the French way. I could feel her tongue play with mine.

"Come on, baby, fuck me like I was your little girl... It will be your last time you know. Next time you make love to someone you will be the one with the wet pussy..."

I grabbed her ass and pulled me close to me. I kissed her all over the face.

"Ah, you like that, don't you," she whispered in my ear.

"Think about it, you are small, sweet, soft, your long hair brushing your cheek, and there is a strong man there lifting you up. You are helpless..."

She moaned as i lifted her small body off the floor and carried her over to the bed.

"And your pussy is engorged in blood, pulsating, wet, wet, wet, wet, longing, longing...."

I wanted her to shut up, I wanted her to go on. I did not know what I wanted, but my cock was rock hard. I felt so ashamed that I did not want to look her in the eye. So I turned her over, face down. I removed her panties. The scent of moist sex overwhelmed me.

I pulled down my trousers and pulled out my dick. Then I plunged into her, pushed my way deep into her, and felt her pussy muscles contract around my cock.

"Oh yeah, baby, that is so good. Fuck me hard baby, fuck my sweet pussy!"

I could see a kind of ecstasy in her eyes that I had never felt, ever. She gave in to the movements in a way I never could.

I remember I thought it must to take courage to give in to life in that way. Tremendous courage.

"Oh William, it is so much better when you are a woman..."

She moved over to her back and spread her legs.

"Come on baby, come inside me...."

I moved on, hearing her sing in my ear, and then I let my load explode inside her.

She started laughing.

February 20

Today they took the new girl away. She winked at me as she was escorted out by the guard:

"Love you, honey!  And I am telling you, you are going to love being a girl."

When the guard came back he went over to the Hulk. The big man tried to fight back, but only half heartedly.

In the end the guard cuffed him:

"I am told they have a special treatment for you," he said, dragging the Hulk out of the room by his hand.

"They are going to experiment on your mind, they say. Turn you into some blonde, sex-crazed, bimbo girl. That will do you good, right? Won't it, sweet Hulkie girl?"

February 21

Then there were three. Tom, the gangster, Erik, the conspiracy theorists and me.

Erik is quiet for once. Reality had outshone all his theories, anyway, and here he was waiting for womanhood.

Tom is pacing, restless, frustrated. He goes over to the window from time to time. He knows that there is no way out, but there is an animal inside him that won't give up.

February 22

The Hulk came back today, as a bewildered young blonde. We all stared at her, not believing our eyes.

"Don't look at me!" she cried. "Don't look at me!"

Then she went into a room and locked the door. We could hear her cry behind the door for a while. Then it was silent for a while, until we could hear some small and muffled moans. The three of us looked at each other, knowingly. She was masturbating in there.

In the end she came out and grabbed Tom's hand.

"I can take it anymore.... I need cock... I need you to fuck... Oh my god, I need you to fuck me."

Tom looked at the girl, confused.

"Hulk? Is that really you? Are you sure?"

"Of course I am not the Hulk anymore," she replied in her high pitched barbie voice. 

"The Hulk is dead. I am just.. I am just... I don't know what I am.. who I am. I just need you to comfort me. Fill me up... please...."

"Oh yeah, let me feel your hard cock up against my pussy. Oh, I love feeling your cock slide up against my pussy lips, Tom, oh yeah..."

Erik and I sat still, listening to them doing it in the room next door. Listening to Blondie beg for cock, beg to be fucked hard, beg...

Leonard came into the room.

"Where the hell have you been?" Erik asked.

Leonard ignored him.

"Now, William. Tomorrow it's your turn."

"How do you know?" I asked.

"I am one of them."

"One of them?"

"My name is Leonard, Dr. Leonard Montgomery."

"The sociologist?"

"Ah, so you know about me..."

Oh, I knew about him. Dr. Montgomery had joined the Transformation Party at the same time other academics had been sent to prison camps for being too liberal."

"Why are you going this?" I asked him.

"Nature has been our enemy for so long, William," he said.

"Look at all that aggression, all that violence. We need to do something about that."

"What about freedom?" I asked, "The democratic ideals this nation was built on?"

"Ah, freedom doesn't make people happy. Look at the Hulk! Was he happy? Now look at Bimbo Girl. Is she happy? Yes."

"She is not herself," I said. "She is not who she is supposed to be."

"None of us are ourselves," he replied. "We all play games to hide our true faces, and by doing so we lose our ability to feel the primal joy, the animalistic joy."

"I thought this was about old fashioned traditional values," I sighed.

"Oh, but it is," he smiled. "Men rule and are pleased by men. That is the way it has always been. Now, feminism showed us that you cannot rule women by fear anymore, at least not all of them. This time we are going to rule them through pleasure."

"So what happens to the Hulk now?"

"She will become the concubine of a senator up north. He has put up a flat for her. She will get all the cock she can take."

"And what about me?"

"Ah, you are such a gentle soul. Nearly all the others behaved like creeps. You kept some dignity to the very end. I think I will keep you for yourself. You will become a happy, delicious girl. You are going to love it."

I hated him.

To be continued.


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