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Pink is the New Orange, Part 2

Here's part 2 of Fem/Fluxx' first erotic TG short story, written by Morgana. Part 1 can be found here!

Warning: The story contains sexually explicit content and is not suitable for minors. This is a fantasy only.  This story does not reflect attitudes or behaviors that belong in real life!

February 5

One of the girls approach me in the corridor today. She clearly saw the look of bewilderment on my face. This was one I had not seen before.

"I am Tanya," she said. "Or that is who they call me now. I didn't come from your prison. That's why you don't recognize me."

I tried to be polite.

"Well, hello there Tanya, what can I do for you?"

"I know you," she said. "I know you. You were kind to me once, and I want to..."

She stopped and touched her hair, embarrassed.

"Who are you?" I asked.

"You knew me as Hank Henderson," she said.

"Hank? No, you can't be!"

Hank had been one of my colleagues when I had had one of my stunts as a waiter. I vaguely remembered a tired, overworked, cook with dull eyes and no sense of humor.

"Yeah, it is me all right, and you were the only one at Valentino's who actually treated me as a decent human being."

I had done nothing special as I could recall, but if he said so.

"But why are you here?"

"I joined the resistance."


"Yeah, one day one of the T Party leaders came to the restaurant. He complained about my pizza, and I snapped, you know, I snapped..."

"You yelled at him?"

"I was on the run for two weeks before they caught up with me, and now I am here."

"Hank...Tanya... I am sorry..." I stopped.

I found my eyes moving down to her chest, where a push-up bra lifted to ample breasts up into the open.

She blushed. I blushed.

"I am sorry. I cannot even begin to imagine how this feels for you."

"You have to get out of here! Do you hear me, you have to get out of here. They change you, not only on the outside, but on the inside. Do you understand? They are turning us into the Stepford Wives, do you understand me?"

"Are you referring to the film?"

"Yes, they are changing our minds, turing us into some perverted idea of what it means to be a woman."

"But how?"

"I don't know. I don't know. But I feel more and more like ... I don't know. I dream about men now. I dream about strong men holding me down and doing unspeakable things to me. I want to obey them, I want to have those bastards tell me what to do."


"Those party bosses! Those bastards. That is why you must escape, before you end up as some kind of horny and submissive female slave, don't you see..."

"What happened to you?" I asked.

She dragged me down into a vacant room further down the corridor.

"When I came back as a woman, Zee Zee welcomed me. You know, the black girl who no one knows who is. I think she is a regular girl, you know."

"She was born a girl?"

"Yes, I think she is some kind of psychologist, a spy. She was good too me at first, held me when I cried. But then she started to touch me, you know, grabbed my tits, told me how hot I was."

Tanya's story was hard to believe. Apparently Zee Zee has created some kind of initiation ritual for the new girls.

The new girl is surrounded by naked women, beautiful women, sexy women. They start touching her, innocently at first, you know... in a friendly manner.

But then they get more adventurous.

"She started to pinch my nipples," Tanya whispered to me. "And they got hard, you know. It feels so differently... you know.. on the inside..."

She stopped talking as if lost in some unreal memory.

"And then Greta started to feel me up. She... she cupped my..." She blushed again and looked down to indicate her crotch.

"And then I could feel this strange heat down below, you know, moving outwards, all the way down to my toes..."

Then they had undressed her, seductively.

"They turned me around and pushed me up against the wall," Tanya told me. "And they brought out one of their toys and pushed into my... you know... my... vagina..."
"And all the time they told me how beautiful I was, and how much they liked my tits, and how much they wanted to fuck me..."

Then they had apparently started to taunt her. They told her to beg for cock, because she was a girl now, who needed cock.

And Zee Zee put on a strap-on and forced Tanya down on her knees. And before Tanya had a chance to get away she had that rubber cock in her mouth and she found herself sucking.

I was starting to get uncomfortable now, as the image of Tanya sucking a dildo awakened my own cock.

"Why are you telling me all this?" I asked her.

"To warn you," she said. But that quick glance of her to the left told me that she was lying.

"Did they tell you to talk to me about this?" I asked her. "Did they?"

"Of course not!" she replied. Another lie.

"Did you like it?" I could not help myself.

"I hated it," she replied. "Then I loved it. Then I hated it. Then I... Oh fuck..."

They had pulled her down on the floor after this. Zee Zee had pulled out another huge dildo.

"Do you want it, Tanya? Do you want it?"

In the end they had her begging for that monster thing.

"Do you like that bitch, do you like it?"

Tanya told me she had experienced the most mind-blowing orgasm of her life, as she watched that dildo, below her bouncing tits, sink deep into her pussy

"I could not help it," she said. "I could not help it..." Then she left me.

I was unable to sleep that night. I couldn't get the image of Tanya out of my mind, the girl on her back, legs spread and with that cock thing pounding her pussy.

And I suspect that is why they have asked her to tell me her story. This is part of some psychological warfare aimed at weakening our resolve and mess with our minds.

February 6

There was a big fight today, between Hal and Zombie Z. Zombie was known as a brutal sexual offender, and Hal had been his bitch in prison.

Now Hal had apparently made a remark about Zombie becoming a real bitch, and Zombie reacted spontaneously.

I think Zombie is very scared now.  Because he knows Hal is right. It is only a matter of time before they take him and make him. His power is based on brute muscular strength, not the soft flesh of big tits.

Hal is pretty bruised, but the fact that he now can see an end to his slavery makes him strong. He managed to get in a few punches before the guards separated them

February 7

Zombie Z tried to escape. He broke a window and ran out into the park behind the building. They used dogs to find him. He has not come back yet.

I talked to Chin today. I believe she needed someone to talk to.

She seemed different, though. Distracted. Her hand kept brushing up against that enormous chest of hers.

"They seem bigger," I told her.

"I know," she answered. "They just keep growing, and I do not know what to do about it."

"But how big are they?" I had to ask.

"The bra I am using is 34J. Can you believe it? Last month I was a male convict, and now I have a fucking J cup."

 "They wanted me to put on a nurse's uniform yesterday," she continued. "It didn't fit me. They have to order a new one."

"But are you a nurse or doctor or something?" I asked her.

"Of course not," you idiot. "I am sure there is some politician out there who has an Asian nurse fetish, and now they want me to become his play thing, or whatever."

The next thing she told me, was even scarier:

"You know, I would not mind so much. I have all these fantasies at night, about being fucked by a man. God, I am so horny. You have to get away before it is to late, because it is to late for me. Every night I masturbate dreaming of a good fuck. Do you get it?"

Yes, I did get it. I could easily imagining her with her hands down her panties, wet and willing.

February 8

They brought back Zombie Z today.  He was no longer the cocky man in charge. They had turned him into a small, vulnerable, girl.

Hal could not stop laughing:

"Who's the bitch now? Who's the bitch now!"

The girl cried and cried. I guess Zombie hadn't cried since the age of three. But now he cried.

He tried to get his long hair out of his face, and he cried. He tried to push his soft tits back into his chest and he cried.

When Hal grabbed her and dragged her into another room, I looked around for the guards, but I could not see any of them.

All I could see was the surveillance cameras humming as they tracked them throughout the house.

We could hear her screams afterwards, as Hal put his dick inside her.

"Who's the bitch now? Who's the bitch now?"

A could not help looking. Some of us opened the door and found the new girl on her back, legs spread, soft tits bouncing, looking in disbelief at the cock that forced its way into her. Again and again and again.

"Who's the bitch now?"

Finally Zombie answered: "I am the bitch now! I am the bitch now!"

To be continued!

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