Sunday, May 7, 2017

The Druids - a Feminization Fantasy

The High Priestess of the Druids is looking for a new body. Could it be yours?
Model: Ariella Ferrara from Brazzers.
Somewhere in the US there is a hidden of community of Celtic druids.

This religious order, with roots going back to Ancient Britain, is ruled by the Immortal One, a spirtual leader that once in every generation asks for a sacrifice: The body of someone young.

The one who give up this body, get another in return: The one of the leading druid, who this time just happens to be a MILF.

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  1. Please more like this.

    I would prefer boy in MILF body to gradually lose the old memory and new memory dominations.

  2. We have made a note of your wish. Good idea!

  3. would the goddess be able to teach that skill to her followers? for instance a young priestess being able to perform a body swap between a very submissive man and a dominant woman follower? just a thought is all.

  4. Interesting thought, indeed ;)

  5. A super successful character, Veronica in Black Swan,Ksenia Solo is a name of a solid performer. Through her amazing body and glamour, she proved as a serious actress in the industry.


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