Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Miranda Remastered - classic TG photo comic featuring Felony

We are going to republish some of the classic TG photo comics from Rebecca's World.
Felony from Brazzers

Here is a remastered version of BDSM feminization tale Miranda. You get both parts in one file.

Note that this is a very explicit submission fantasy, and if you are not into that kind of thing, do not read it.

And remember: What happens in a sexual fantasy or role play does not in any way reflect what you should do in real life. (Apart from being transformed into a sexy woman that is. If you can get that done, go ahead!)

The main character is played by porn star Felony. The first part uses imagery from Sex and Submission. The second part is based on a movie made by Brazzers. 

Download high resolution PDF (114 MB)
Download regular resolution PDF (41 MB)
Alternative download site (41 MB)

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