Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The Man who Became the Bride

He was a nasty man, harassing his buxom secretary every chance he got -- belittling her, making fun of her. Until one day she used all her savings on something magical and dangerous. You can, as you probably know, get anything on Ebay these days.

Lennox Luxe from the amazing repository of erotic imagery: Brazzers!

And that something causes an amazing shift in the lives of both of them.

Welcome to a new erotic magic feminization comic. This one will be a treat for all those of you who love curves and big chests!

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  1. I usually am on a different account and do not get to post comments. I love the use of a red head in this story as I see my true form as red headed. Her breasts were bigger than I would imagine for myself, but still, had I this body i think I would feel better about myself. One thing I want to say is that your melding of words and image help me imagine myself having a big cock sliding in and out of me. All of the creators here at FEM/FLUXX are awesome. I love your stories and really am overjoyed when new ones are posted. Thank You.

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words, Alexia! More stories coming up!

  3. The images and the story are perfect. I absolutely loved it. Thanks for creating and sharing! Also, thank you for including the name of the girl in the pictures, I made sure to look her up!

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