Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Russian Feminization Program Part 2

Here comes part two of our forced feminization epic The Russian Feminization Program.
Crystal from Reality Kings

You can read part 1 here.

There is a new cold war going on, and the Russian regime does it best to control its citizens.

A new macho culture rules, where the rulers use new, advanced, technologies to keep the opposition in check.

In the so-called "Girl Factory", many of those men who dare to anger the dictator, are turned into obedient slaves for the party leaders. They are turned into women.

A TV crew from the US is trying to document the policy, at their own risk, I must say.

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  1. As ever, Morgana, a truly titillating tale of transformed tails! (And I do hope that the final images foreshadow an episode that includes the two beauties helping each-other adjust to their new bodies through mutual, sapphic explorations! After all, sometimes the promise of a reward one wants can bring the desired compliance better than a threat of personal violation... No?)

    Since it was the work of the incomparable Rebecca Molay, who fed so many of my fantasies during my days of "lurking" through the TG-Caption "blogiverse" which led my eventual attempts at making my own captions, and I see her hand or inspiration in the works here; I feel compelled to offer some help if you are amenable to my following observation.

    I have noticed that the text of many captions you all create here often contain several misuses of words, typographical and continuity errors. Since I am, and have long been, a fan of you and your work, I would like to offer my services as a proofreader for the text of your captioned stories.

    If you like, please, allow me to check only the text before you put it into the pdf comic for publication.

    It would be an honor to play such a small, but hopefully helpful, part in the production of your captions! Also, I do hope you do not take this observation & offer as any affront regarding your work.

    An email of the text sent to my "w8z2x4m" at gmail dot com account would be all it takes for me to provide the aid mentioned above.

    Whether you accept my offer or not, do know that I will always be a fan of your fabulous, Trans-Gender Erotica!!!

    Truly yours with undying Peace, Love & Kisses;
    "Elle-Jae Matthews"

  2. YES! Keep it going! May I suggest Peta Jensen and Sandra Star? ;)


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