Sunday, December 1, 2019

Small in Japan, a Forced Feminization Story

Rae Lil Black from
The XX virus had decimated the female population around the globe, leading to a big surplus of men. Modern nanoviral technology combined with a large demand for wives and lovers had created a new black market to be exploited by crooks and criminals.

Ken was working for one of these crime syndicates, and believed he was safe. Unfortunately he knew Japanese and a rich Japanese family was looking for a wife for their son.

Welcome to your new life, Ken!

Please note that this story contains depictions of forced sex. This is a sexual fantasy. It is not real. We do not in any way condone forced sex in real life!

Story by Morgana. Imagery by Babes. Presented by FemFluxx.

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Monday, October 28, 2019

Casino Part 2: New Lives, an MTF transformation adventure

Here's the second part of our fantastic male to female transformation adventure!

Jerry and Ben owes the owner of the Xanadu casino a lot of money, and since they are not able to pay her back, she lets her shaman turn them into women. Now they may pay their debts in another way.

Read part 1 first – here!

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Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Casino, a male to female transformation adventure

There are some games you should never lose at this casino, and being indebted to the owner, Mrs. X, may cost you more than your house and your car.

Much, much more.

Here's a new male to female transformation fantasy from The Foxx.


Victoria June from Brazzers.

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Monday, July 29, 2019

Becoming the Latina Maid

Mary Jean from Reality Kings.

He was running a hotel with the help of latina maids. You might think he would show them gratitude and give them what they deserved, but no, he was rude to the point of being racist, and in the end he was brought to court for his actions.

The female judge decided to use the help of Metatron Mindcloud to let him experience for himself how it feels to work hard as a maid in a hotel like his.

Soon his mind was transferred into the body of a clone designed for this purpose. He had become Maria Iliana Alvarez.

This is another erotic gender bender photo comic written by The Foxx.

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