Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Three Wishes for a Genie

If you ever meet a genie,
make sure you make your wishes
very clear, or you may
end up like this.
August Ames from Brazzers.
He was a very shy man, afraid of women and -- let us face it -- afraid of life.

But he did find the lamp. It does not matter if you believe in fairy tales or not, all people rub oil lamps that look like something out of Alladin.

But this time a genie did appear.

Why is it that men are so bad at phrasing clear wishes when they meet genies? You should think they would have learned by now?

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Monday, July 17, 2017

Janet and Isabel, a New MTF Transformation Comic

Featuring Shay Evans from Exotic4k.
The guys were hackers breaking into financial institutions all over the world, taking their money and leaving no trace. But sometimes you needed physical access to the computers in order to plant your malware and open back doors.

This is where the amulet came in handy. They could use it to transform themselves into the shape of any employee in a company, walk right in past any security measures, and access a computer.

But they needed intel, and this time the only person who had access to the person they needed to talk to was a woman. As one of the guys said: "Changing into a woman messes with your mind!"

It truly does.

This a new male to female transformation comic from The Foxx. It is sexually explicit and not for kids!

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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Opening Pandora's Box

Ashley Adams from Reality Kings and Brazzers.
Ok, since you are here, visiting this site, we guess you know a little bit about the desire some men have for becoming a woman, being a woman, living the life of that sexy, hot, curvy, delicious inner you.

So does the main character in this month's photo comic.

And what do you know: Suddenly an online friend of his tells him about this witch, Alexis, who actually has the kind of power needed to make such dreams to come true.

But there is always a catch right? A price to pay?

Oh yeah...

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Made by The Foxx.

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