Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Your Life as a Woman (Three short stories of feminization)

FemFluxx is back with a collection of three short photo comics made by Morgana and the Foxx.

In the first one a group of men preparing for the party of their life is tricked into taking a pill that is more than your regular upper.

Next is a spell book story about a man turned into a sexy sissy.

Finally there is a new story from the American witness protection program, where the US Marshall service is using the latest of technology to keep its witnesses safe.


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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Joybringer Desire

We return to the Joybringer universe, where the Exodus company as taken over a planet in environmental crisis.
Ashely Adams

The people of Earth hope for a new future on planets far away, and Exodus promises to get them there.

But in order for humans to adapt to hostile environments the company has developed a morphing technology that can change the human body, and some clever souls at Exodus has decided that this technology can also be used to adapt criminals and dissidents to a more productive life.

You know the drill!

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Wednesday, September 20, 2017


Charity Crawford from Exotic4k
The word is at the end of its ropes. Climate change has made large parts of the Earth uninhabitable and people put their trust in Exodus, a huge multinational company that prepares for the colonization of space. Out there, on the new planets, there is hope.

To help people adapt to hostile environments, the company has developed a technology that allows for radical body modifications.

In a research lab somewhere someone comes up with a brilliant idea: Why not use this technology to get rid of the bad seeds of the word -- the convicts, the dissidents -- and turn them something useful, someone who can help the brave colonizers thrive on foreign soil?

Say hello to the Joybringers, ex-men, trained to serve with both pride and pleasure.

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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Three Wishes for a Genie

If you ever meet a genie,
make sure you make your wishes
very clear, or you may
end up like this.
August Ames from Brazzers.
He was a very shy man, afraid of women and -- let us face it -- afraid of life.

But he did find the lamp. It does not matter if you believe in fairy tales or not, all people rub oil lamps that look like something out of Alladin.

But this time a genie did appear.

Why is it that men are so bad at phrasing clear wishes when they meet genies? You should think they would have learned by now?

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